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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having issues with my dragon professional software for
Please elaborate your issue with dragon software, is it not turning on mic or other issue?

I have a Dragon Home CD but my new computer that’s a gift doesn’t have a cd rom drive

You can request for Dragon Home digital download and than install it or you can buy external DVD writer which will help you to connect to your computer and than you will be
able to install dragon home.


I have a question about this software and capabilities
Please refer comparison chart of dragon products

I need to talk to someone. My dragon keeps getting lost. I have done all of the troubleshooting mechanisms. have had computer re recognize it 3 times. need customer support to let someone into my computer and tell me what is going on. Customer of yours for 40 years
Well you need to check if dragon is going in system tray, if yes that right click on dragon icon and click restore dragon bar, if not than go to programs and uninstall the dragon software and reinstall it.

Is there a way I can test out the Dragon Professional version without purchasing it?
You don’t get the trail version of dragon professional individual. If you want to try out dragon capabilities you can download dragon anywhere trial on your mobile phone and try it out, dragon anywhere gives you 14 days trail.

I bought this software and my pc don’t have a place for a cd can I have a link to dl the software please
Yes you can request for digital download by contacting nuance customer support team
I was wondering if Dragon Professional is compatible with MacBook Air
Right now there is no version of dragon available for MAC computers, if you want to install dragon on your mac than first you need to install parallels and than install any version of dragon software.
if i purchase this software and upgrade to another computer will this software still work.
Yes you can install dragon on your new computer.
Does dragon software recognize all voices and type or only the person that primarily uses? In other words, would it type out what someone says to me over the phone?
Yes dragon does recognize all voices and type. Yes it can type whatever other person is saying on phone but phone has to be on speaker so that dragon can hear the voice.
If I purchase Dragon Professional Individual online here, is it available for download once the purchase is complete, or is the software shipped?
Yes digital download is available for dragon software instantly. If you order box shipment than you will get it in 1 or 2 days.
I purchased “Non Physical Product” how do I download my software?

When you purchase any dragon product you get an email with download link and serial number, there you can download dragon software.

Is there a Dragon monthly subscription for Mac desktop?
No there is no monthly subscription for Mac computer even there is no dragon product available right now for Mac.
Instructions for selecting Dragon microphone say to select setting of the Dragon Bar, however, the dragon bar on my newly downloaded Dragon 15 Professional does not offer the settings option. What do I do?
For any setting on dragon bar you have different options like if you want to select microphone than you have to click on audio > check microphone or reset audio calibration > select your microphone which is connected.
I have been using Dragon since 2005 and will not do without it. However in 2016 I switched from PCs to Macs and so far Dragon does not work on my office iMac but it does work on my MacBook which I have not updated to the latest version for fear of losing the use of Dragon. My question is: Does the new Dragon Individual 15 work on iMac or MacBook Pro?

Dragon for mac is discontinued so you will not be able to use same version on mac. If you want to use the dragon professional individual on your mac than you need to install parallels first and than install the dragon professional.

I need to move my license to a new computer and cannot find the license information. Can you assist? I ordered my Dragon from Amazon. The seller was Deal of The Decade. Order #111-3554090-6439442.
Please contact nuance customer service number for live help.
Will Dragon home for home work for medical charting?
No for medical purpose dragon medical is suitable because dragon home does not have capabilities to understand medical terms.
What is the primary difference between dragon home and dragon professional? I used to use Dragon Naturally speaking and am looking at getting back into something similar.
Major differences between dragon home and  dragon professional are dragon home is for basic use like only dictation on the documents while dragon professional has more features like full text control in Microsoft excel, create custom voice commands, import/export custom word, automatically transcribe your recordings, sync customizations with the dragon anywhere mobile app and import/export your profiles.
Is there a phone number that I can call for help loading the software.

Yes please refer nuancedragonsupport.com website.

I am interested in a product that would enable a small practice of mental health counselors to dictate into an EHR. Which one would that be?

Dragon Medical practice edition 4.3 would be suitable for you because it has metal health dictionary.

if you purchase the upgrade do you have to have the older version on your computer?

You need to uninstall the older version of dragon and install new version of dragon and while installing new version of dragon it will ask you to enter old version serial number if you have purchased upgrade than you need to put old version serial number as well as upgraded serial number.

Not sure if your still in business, phone number on your website not active.

Yes we are in business , some time call volume is high that time you get a busy tone, try after some time.

I have Dragon Profession 15.30.xxxx. I’m told that version 15.6 has driver support for WordPerfect X9. How do I download this latest upgrade patch?

There is no patch for Dragon Professional 15.6, you need to buy upgrade version which will cost you $250 and than install it on computer and it will work with WordPerfect X9.

I am interested in Nuance Dragon Natural Speaking Homev15. Please call as I have questions about use with a laptop , Microphone type or is it included, installation etc. etc.

You can call us or chat with live person to get your answers quickly.

I was wondering… did you discontinue dragon dictate? Is there an option for Mac users if so?

Dragon for Mac is discontinued . If you want to use dragon on your Mac you first need to install parallels and than install dragon windows version.

Just before I went on disability retirement 18 years ago, the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation provided me with a new computer and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Their hope was to enable me to go from parish ministry to writing for our church body, but my neurological and neuromuscular disorders were too severe. I recently had to replace my laptop computer with a used, but newer, unit that runs on Windows 10. As I am losing more muscle control, I attempted to install my Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 11.5, only to discover that it is not compatible with Windows 10. I spoke with one of your customer service reps who explained that my version is too old to qualify for the upgrade price to Dragon Professional Individual, v15. Most of my writing is sermons, religious articles, correspondence, etc. Would Dragon Home meet my needs, or is it too limited for my professional vocabulary? Are there features in Professional Individual that I would lose by going to Home?

Well if you want only dictate on documents than Dragon Home is good for you but if you want to dictate medical terms than you need Dragon Professional Individual 15.6 or you can go for Medical Edition Practice 4.

Need some problem solving support for Dragon Medical One. How do you charge for your support services?

For the Dragon Medical One support you need to contact our customer service or chat with them.

Is Dragon Naturally Speaking Software available for Mac users?

Dragon for Mac is discontinued . If you want to use dragon on your Mac you first need to install parallels and than install dragon windows version.

I need to speak to someone about a PayPal charge.

Please contact customer service.

I have Dragon legal 12.5 on my laptop I want to update Dragon legal so that I can put it on my desk top.
Yes you can upgrade old dragon legal to latest version of dragon legal 15.6
Can you get dragon for MAC?
I wanted to look into getting your program for my 9 year old but I’m not sure which one is the best?

For student we have basic version of dragon which is Dragon Home 15.

Can Dragon Home be used on Lennox


Is the $200 fee for Home version one time or a yearly fee?

It is one time purchase of Dragon Home.

Need to install Dragon Pro individual on a new laptop for a professor of the University. Can I install on Win 10 as the admin account or do I have to have the user login and create a computer user profile first?

Yes you can do that.

I’m trying to track an order because I was unable to successfully download a Dragon update. But the system doesn’t recognize me – I kept a record of the password I created, but the system will not even recognize my email address to send me a password reset code.

You need to contact our support team.

I cant find my download link and serial number email

Please contact our customer service.

I have Dragon K409Z-W00-6JM4-J2E5-8T this is v12 and I would like to upgrade to v15 pro Can you help? I need to talk to someone please

Yes you need to purchase Dragon professional individual v15.6 upgrade and install it.

I still haven’t figured out how to use my dragon anywhere subscription. I try to call but is usually too late at night

Dragon anywhere is yearly subscription program, so once your subscription is expired it will ask you to renew it.

Having trouble activating Dragon on Mac.

Dragon for Mac is discontinued . If you want to use dragon on your Mac you first need to install parallels and than install dragon windows version.

I have dragon home version 13. It is not working the software refuses to run. tried reinstalling it but that did not help.

You need to purchase new version of Dragon Home which is v15. It will work on your software.

Used your support team to solve dragon medical problem yesterday. It seemed to fix the issue. However…using Dragon today it froze up and required me to do a “restore”. Now it’s not working again.

Please uninstall dragon medical and install the updated version of dragon medical.

Looking for the latest device driver for the Powermic III.

Once you plug in the Powermic III on your computer it will automatically install the latest driver just restart the computer.

Does Dragon won with macOS 10.15.7?

Yes Dragon for Mac 6.0.8 version will work.

I’m running Dragon 12.5 on Windows 10. Yesterday morning I was able to dictate into Word. In the afternoon, for some reason I could not. I can still dictate into notepad and Outlook. Unless Word has updated and affected Dragon I’m in the dark. I don’t think I’ve ever had an update on this Dragon 12.5. I know you’re flying blind but could this be the issue?

You need to upgrade your dragon to Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Individual 15.6.

 Is the Dragon Professional Individual 15 cloud based?

No it is Desktop version.

Just installed Dragon Home 15 on Windows 10. Dragon Bar looks strange, is missing Profile control.

New Dragon Home 15 has small Dragon Bar it is little different than older one.

I have some papers to write. It is very difficult for me to use a keyboard.

Please buy Dragon Naturally Speaking software.

I am an IT contractor for the Federal government. I have a client who is getting a new laptop. She has the key/license for the Dragon Pro. Where do I do to get the install software?
She had received the email with digital download link of dragon software you need to find that and install. if not than please request from your registered email in find my order page.
I’m interested in using dragon over RDP need the link to download dragon v15 pro.
Please request from findmyorder website and enter required information.
Looking for support docs when using your software with a hospital program called “systoc”. Its a patient medical program. We are having issues it working correctly.
You can use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3 (DMPE 4.3).
Are there any Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 suppliers in Ireland?
Yes you can get the digital download version of dragon legal which you can download anywhere in the world.
I need to transcribe from a file.
Yes there is feature in Dragon Professional Individual 15.6 to transcribe file into text, you can buy it.
For some reason, my unit is not working. I can voice dictate into the Dragon Pad but that’s about it. I need it to work in MS Word. How do I get the attachment? Is that my problem?
Please uninstall the dragon and reinstall it.
I work at home doing tele-psych and am wondering how much it would cost me to purchase Dragon software for medical dictation?
Cost for Dragon Medical Practice Edition is $1599, which will serve the purpose.
Since taking the update to the Dragon Medical one software it does not work. I get the bubble that the voice command was recognized but does not insert anything. I also cannot pull up a dictation box.
Please contact to nuance dragon support team.
Lost my dragon program due to replacing my hard drive. How can I get it back?
You need to request digital download link from findmyorder.
I was wondering if there were any student discounts or discounts in general for the Dragon legal speaking?
For any discount on dragon software please talk to expert.
I am wondering how this works as far as the transcription portion. For example, the attorney I work for has an old Dictaphone which she records stuff on and gives to me to download and transcribe, put into final format, etc. Is it possible to do something similar with this software? Or how would that work? I basically need to make sure that it is easy for her to get me the dictations after she has recorded them.
Yes Dragon Legal Professional will do the transcription with Dictaphone recording.
Inquiring for my wife: at her job, she transcribes meeting minutes from MP4 files. Does Dragon software have the ability to import an MP4 file and transcribe the audio in a video to text?
Yes dragon professional does have the ability to transcribe mp4 recordings.
Which version of Dragon would you recommend for educational setting? Also, using Dragon does not require internet connection, right?
For student Dragon Home is recommended and once it is installed you don’t have  to be connected to internet.
I have a client who is using an older version of Dragon and needs to upgrade to 15.6. Is there an upgrade version available?
Yes Dragon Professional upgraded version is 15.6, you can buy the upgrade.
The speech engine returned the following error: failed.
For solution you can create new profile or you can uninstall the software then reinstall the software.
I’m considering buying nuance dragon home. I really just need something that will help maybe write emails or few paragraphs for documents.is a trial available?
Dragon home is not available for trial, if you want trial we have dragon anywhere for 14 days trial and it is only for phones not for desktop.
Does the home edition work with Mac OSX?
Mac version is discontinued if you want to use the dragon on mac, you need to install parallels first and then install dragon home.
Can you install this software on a home and work computer if you only work on one computer at a time?
Yes if same person is using then you can use it.
How long has professional 15 been out? Is there a new version coming soon?
New version of dragon 15 is 15.6 upgrade which has been out since January 2021.
I would like Dragon Medical Software that I can use with my Office Mate / Exam Writer EMR at my optometric clinic. 1 computer only. Do I need to have it downloaded to that computer?
You can buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3 (DPME), and you need to download it on the computer where you want to use it.
I’m trying to upgrade from version 12 to 15.
Sure you can upgrade.
I’ve owned various versions of Naturally Speaking over the years, but haven’t used any for a long time and have no version on my current computer. I’m wondering how I should proceed.
You need to have old license number to upgrade the new version of dragon, if you don’t have the license key than you need to buy new dragon software.
What dictation method does dragonspeak support? Raymond James does not support dragonspeak, so if I want to send a letter or memo to a client, I need to be able to send it from dragonspeak to my Raymond James e-mail in some form of pdf. When I tried to do this recently and had typed a proposal for a client in Word and tried to e-mail it to myself at Raymond James, I was told that dragonspeak does not support Word, and therefore after all my effort to dictate this, it could not be sent.
New version of dragon professional 15.6 supports your software, you can go for it.
I purchased the naturally Speaking Recorder Edition and received the serial number and directions. However, when I open the nuanced site and click download nothing happens. How do I download this program?
Well download link gets expired in 60 days of purchase, so if it is not working you can request for new download link through findmyorder link.
I run a special federal grant which allows me to get to know young adults and children who have both their vision and hearing compromised. I wonder if your company offers any discounted program which may support such children/youth to use your program?
You can try out Dragon Medical Practice Edition (dpme) 4.3.
What is included in the Medical Edition?
Medical Edition has medical dictionary and it works with EHR, EMR, HIPPA compliant.
I have Dragon Professional 15 on my computer and just got a new laptop I’d like to put it on. I have my license key. Is it possible to just download Dragon to my new laptop and enter my license key?
Yes it is possible you can install dragon on your new laptop.
Can Dragon 15 be installed on a surface?
Yes you can install dragon 15 on surface.
I am using a version of Dragon speak that is a few years old. I’m about to have rotator cuff surgery and him using it to create documents and have not been able to have access my Outlook e-mail. Is there something I need to do in Outlook or in Dragon speak to have it operate effectively for dictating e-mails.
Dragon dictation will do everything for you, 
Just wondering if there was a way to change numbers into the spelling of the number, instead of the digits.
You can select numbers under dictation type.
I need help setting up dragon on 2nd computer.
Ok how can we help you?
I have had an older edition of Dragon for a few years. I did not upgrade because I was waiting to get a new computer. I now have the new computer and want to install the current edition. I do not know, if the fact that I already had a subscription makes a difference in price. Please respond.
You need to buy new version of dragon software because old version is discontinued.
Besides price what is the difference between professional, home and legal?
For difference please chat with our customer service representative.
My disc doesn’t work, I purchased dragon a few years ago.
You need to request for digital download link from findmyorder website.
I have a old version of Dragon. Can I get an upgrade.
First you need to check if you have more than 12.5 version of dragon than only you can upgrade to 15.6 but if you have older than 12.5 you need to purchase new version of dragon.
Where do I buy dragon medical online I’ve done this before I need to know.
You can buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition (dmpe) 4.3 from our website dragondictationsoftware.com or you can chat with our expert to get it.
I have some questions about the differences in the products but would like to discuss by phone but your number is fax.
Sure you can call our nuance technical support team or chat with our expert for the differences of dragon products.
I am an intern minister helping one of my congregants set up Dragon Home 15. I have the invoice number-#0188. I need to know how to download it to her computer.
You might have received digital download link in your email you can download it from there, if not than please send us email requesting download link we will email you within24 hours.
I have an older version and want to put new version on my new laptop. What discount is available to by Dragon legal?
For any discount on dragon legal you need to speak to nuance customer support team.
Are there any annual/periodic charges? I would like to purchase dragon medical edition.
Well If you buy dragon medical practice edition 4.3 then there is no annual charges it is one time payment of $1599, however if you buy dragon medical one then there is monthly charges of $299/month.
Can I download my dragon medical practice edition on more than one computer and if so how do I download it on my laptop that does not have a CD rom?
If same person is using dragon medical practice edition then yes you can use it on 2 computers, and for download you get a digital download link to download the software.
What website can I access to download drivers for Dragon Naturally Speaking software.
You don’t have to download extra driver to run dragon naturally speaking, software itself install all the required drivers and files while installing .
I’d like to buy dragon for home use for a MAC.
Dragon for mac is discontinued,
Is dragon home good enough? and if I ask for refund after installing, do I get full amount or not?
Yes dragon home is good enough if you use for on word document or emailing, for refund after installing your key will be deactivated and you can not use the software also you will get full refund within 30 days of purchase.
How often are security patches released for Dragon Legal Individual software.
Usually patches are released every 4-5 years.
What is the difference between Dragon Professional v15 upgrade, and dragon professional individual 15?
Dragon Professional Individual upgrade 15.6 is more accurate than 15, and upgrade works on every software which you use on windows.
I spoke with someone yesterday and they were going to email a link so I can load my dragon on my new laptop that does not have a CD rom. I have not yet received it.
Please request from findmyorder website with the registered email.
I am the only dragon user in a medical practice. I would like to upgrade dragon. I currently use dragon medical version 12.53.350.033.
You need to buy dragon medical practice edition 4.3, which will cost you $599.
How do I download dragon medical to my home computer Otherwise download Dragon to my computer.
You might have received download link on your email when you purchased the dragon medical, you can download it from there.
We have a version 12 of dragon and wish to upgrade, is that possible or do we need to purchase a new license?
You can upgrade your dragon to latest version of dragon and you will get new serial number.
I am trying to download the program to my new computer but when I put the CD in, it does not automatically come up to install.
That is fine you can open explorer and there you will see cd, you can click on that and run the setup.
Can I upgrade a v12 legal profile to v15?
Yes you can upgrade to latest version of dragon legal.
I am looking for enterprise edition.
You can get contact to nuance dragon support team.
We are upgrading and need to copy all shortcuts to have them put in the new profile. Can you help me do that please?
So you want to transfer your profile to new dragon software right? so to transfer your profile you need to go to dragon bar >profile > manage profile > import profile.
The Chat window is taking up visual space that could be used for me to actually read the webpage. Please remove it or have it as a button for its optional use.
Ok we will take down your request thanks.
The last time I opened Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I was invited to update the software. However, it would not accept my license code. It said it was incorrect. How do I fix this problem?
Well are you sure you were updating or upgrading if you were upgrading than you might have received new serial number you need to enter that.
I have dragon medical 4.3- how many devices can it be on ?
Dragon Medical Practice edition (dmpe) 4.3 can be use on 2 computer with same profile or same person.
Only attempting to download the software onto a new laptop. I already purchased it.
Sure you can install dragon software it is easy and simple.
I sent a request yesterday to get a refund for my order 269195563639. I already have Dragon Home and realized that Dragon Professional wasn’t needed. Please can you help?
We will check that usually refund process take 3-5 business days please check  your bank statement in 5 days.
Looking for a program to help write papers
Can I print directly from Dragon?
yes you can give print command from dragon directly.
Need to download dragon medical one.
You need to request from our support team to get download link.
I’m trying to download my new dragon on my new computer, but I can’t find my order number.
Please request from findmyorder page and give your registered email, then you will receive the link to download.
In my work, I interview numerous individuals to create a narrative documentary. I record audio and wish to convert it to text. What is appropriate for me?
You need to buy Dragon Professional Individual 15.6 which will fulfill your requirement and convert audio to text.
I’m trying to download my new dragon on my new computer, but I can’t find my order number.
You can use your email address and last 4 digit of the card number you have used while purchasing the software.
Interest in buy dragon medical version for our Doctor. Need information.
Sure you can buy dmpe Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3, please contact nuance customer service for more information.
How does it interface with our current software?
Dragon works with almost all software’s you can trust it. 
I work with the Division of Voc Rehab, and have staff that are using Dragon pro. They are complaining odd slowness and sluggish narration, the commands not working and more. We current are running W10 1909 ver. Staff are all working remotely with a VPN connection. Our IT dept is lost in what to do, and were looking for a direct contact.
Well for slowness and sluggish narration we need to check microphone setting and update on dragon version if available, please contact nuance technical support.

Need any assistance , always reply or call the support numbers mentioned below.

I am trying to buy a license for two days in a row now and I keep receiving an error message when I click to pay via credit card. Can someone please help me?

Please talk to our customer expert and get invoice on your email directly.

Looking for Dragon Anywhere for my iPhone for an annual fee.

Yes you can go for dragon anywhere for iPhone.

I purchased the Philips Voice Tracer Dragon software on Amazon. I need the Mac download.

Well dragon for mac is discontinued so there is no version available for mac computer.

discounts or promos on home version?

For any discount you need to speak to our customer service representative.

I purchased. please send me the download link to myinfo12345@yahoo.com

Want to purchase Dragon Home. Need to check if laptop is compatible.

For dragon home system requirement should be minimum 4GB RAM, and more than 5GB HDD. 

I purchased DNS13 Premium Ultimate Bundle Order Reference #: 9883313404 UPC #: 780420130098 Many years ago and am just not trying to load it. I get a Data error message: (cycle redundancy check)

You need to upgrade your dragon to latest version, old will not work.

I received a message when I logged in last week to update my version of Dragon- I am unable to login to the new portal, even after re-registering my product. I cannot access a functional version of my software for work.

You need technical assistance for this issue you need to talk to our live chat help.

I have Premium 13 and want to upgrade to legal individual 15, and I’m a student. Can I get any discounts?

For any discount please talk to our customer support representative.

Do you have a VPAT you could email me?

Yes please please talk to our customer support representative.

Does this software work with many different apps/programs?

Yes Dragon professional or above version work with all third party apps.

I’M looking for a software if someone speaks from diff country I should be able to see it here with ultra speed conversion.

Yes dragon professional is solution for your concern you can try it.

What would be a compatible Dragon software for a 2019 MacBook Air?

Dragon for mac is discontinued so you will not be able to use dragon on your MacBook air.

Does the new version support Philips speech link air device?

Yes dragon does support Philips speech link air device.

I got a new computer and I need my activation code.

You need to request for your dragon activation code with your registered email.

I would like to try the home edition and just wondering if you have a promo code to offer for a discount?

For promo code or any kind of discount you need to speak to nuance customer support team.

I’m with UHG and we purchased 120 licenses for DMO 5.0 and working with Nuance Management Center portal.

Ok for any issue please contact nuance technical support team.

I own Version 15 and see that it does not include vocabulary. My Dragon is not saving my corrections throughout my document. If Professional has vocabulary and if it is faster, can I upgrade to Professional or do I have to pay the full amount?

You can upgrade to Dragon professional individual directly and you don’t have to pay full  price upgrade cost is $250.

We have the Medical edition Ver. 2 and are needing to transfer to a new computer. What is the cost to upgrade to the latest version?

Dragon medical practice edition 2.0 can be upgraded to medical practice edition 4.3 and the upgrade cost is $599.

Can I get Dragon15 upgrade at a discounted price if I am a senior citizen and disabled?

For discount please contact to dragon support team.

What is monthly fee for medical dragon.

For dragon medical one monthly fee is $299.

I have a new computer and wish to download the software onto it . I have my product id etc.

You mean you have serial number of dragon but does not have download link if yes then please request for digital download link from dragon customer service team. 

Will this, software work over a remote desktop connection?

Yes it does work on remote desktop connection.

We have received emails from legal team saying a few of them have been having issues with monitors lost the video if the monitor fails asleep with Dragon program open and they are not able wake up the monitors.

They simply can restart the computer.

What is price of the individual physician Dragon Medical that integrates with Athena EMR?

For individual physician Dragon Medical practice edition would cost $999.

My office purchased the Omni page Ultimate. I got a new computer so I tried to load the program on the new computer but the disk is damaged. Can you help?

For omni page you need to speak to Kofax support team.

I am interested in purchasing Dragon Professional v. 15.

Sure you can buy dragon professional v15.6 from your website and it will cost you $500.

I am getting a new computer and will need my Dragon password and don’t have it. can you help me recover it?

If you want to recover your password please visit nuance login page and click on forget password than it will send you new password on your email.

Medical practice that would like to trial this software with 2 of our Providers with the intent to use for all of our 9 Providers.

For trail of dragon medical practice edition please contact nuance support team.

I bought a new computer. How do I transfer the license of dragon to my new computer?

You need to install dragon on new computer and enter the same key it will work.

Do you have any videos about how to use the system?

Yes please go to nuance page on YouTube and watch videos how to use it.

I have a student/teacher version of Naturally Speaking. However, for health reasons, I retired retired during the school year. Once school schedules get back to normal I may be able to return as a sub teacher. Can I upgrade to a newer version? What will that cost? Can I get a wireless RF or Bluetooth headset?

Yes you can upgrade to new version of dragon but you need to have old serial number also you can get Bluetooth headset.

I bought a previous version of Nuance Dragon Professional Individual for MAC back in 2016 and would like to update and reinstall this on my MAC computer.

Dragon for MAC is discontinued so you will not be able to use any of version on MAC for now.

I was wondering what methods can be used to dictate in Dragon.

You just need to turn on dragon mic and dictate. 

I am looking at the Dragon Home 15 and have a few questions about compatibility with other programs.

Dragon home 15 does work most of the third party applications. For more information you need to talk to our customer service.

I thought there was a personal edition, but I am not seeing it here?

It is not personal it is professional edition you can buy it on the website.

I purchased a new computer and I need to download Nuance Dragon onto my new computer.

Have you already purchased the dragon software if yes than you might have received email with download link when you purchased you can download it from there.

Just wanting to know what would be good for medical use.

For medical Dragon Medical Practice Edition is available, cost for medical edition is $1599 without power MIC.

I’m interested in buying at least 10 copies of the Dragon Home product. I am with a tax exempt organization. How do I set up an account for that purchase?

For bulk purchase of dragon software you need to speak to nuance technical support team.

I’m writing a book will this program help me with that? I have a difficult time writing, but I can speak about my ideas with no problem.

Yes Dragon Professional would be perfect suite for you and it will meet your requirement.

What is the difference between Dragon Home 15 and Dragon Home 13? I own naturally speaking .

Dragon home 15 is latest version of dragon home 13 and it is more accurate and faster than old one.

We own professional individual 15.30 I have new laptop and don’t know my login info need to download 15.0.

You need to provide nuance registered email with phone number to get the information or download link.

Audio input device is not responding, haven’t been able to use Dragon for several months and can’t seem to fix myself…

If you have checked audio settings and not able to fix the dragon issue than please contact nuance support team.

I have an older version of Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium which was installed on an older laptop. I have a new laptop which does not have an optical drive to use to install from the CD. I would like to be able to download and install online.

You need to request for a digital download link, please send us email from your registered email with nuance.

I’m looking to download the Dragon speech software. Not sure where to start?

You first need to purchase dragon software, once it is purchased you will get download link on your email , from there you can download it.

I am retired. what is the difference between professional individual and home product? and what is the 30% discount?

What is the 30% discount on the home version?

Dragon Professional Individual is big software than dragon home. In Dragon home you can only dictate but in dragon pro you can customize vocabulary as well as you can create your own vocabulary. For discount you need to contact nuance tech support.

I’m trying to pay for this with my San Bernardino County credit card and when I go through PayPal it’s stating it is not working.

Please contact to your bank and see if your bank allows card for online shopping and then try again. 

I’ve bought so many dragon versions I think I have 13 and I can’t any of the download versions to work with my microphone and window 10 version of word..

You need to upgrade your dragon to latest version 15.6 which will solve your problem.

I have v13 home of DNS. I have two laptops and tried to install on my 2nd one. it installed but will not open or repair or delete. I’m disabled and dns is a great help. what do I need to do? thanks

Please restart your computer and try again, if issue is persisting then please do call dragon support team.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CALL ME? I am legally blind due to glaucoma and have difficulties messaging. I have been a dragon customer for many years.

Yes dragon support team can call you, so please share  your phone number.

Can I use this with my Mac computer?

Dragon for Mac is discontinued so there isn’t any version available right now for Mac.

Does Nuance offer an educational discount offer for Dragon Home?

For any discount on Dragon Home please contact nuance dragon sales team.

I need to download the latest Dragon for Mac which I believe is 6. I only have the download link to version 5. The link to version 6 isn’t working. Can you please provide me with a working link to download version 6?

Please request from your registered email, then only you will get download link for mac version 6.

I need to install the add in for Microsoft office 365 that is installed on my computer.

You mean you need to install dragon add-in for office 365 right? if yes then you need to open ms office word go to file and click options, you will get popup on screen on left side you will have option for add-in click that and from there you can checkmark netspeak add-in. 

Does Nuance offer nonprofit discounts?

For any discount for non profit organization you need to speak to nuance dragon customer service.

I am trying to get dragon on my new laptop. the other one was stolen. I have the dragon home edition and the box is in my possession but not the dvd.

You need to buy external dvd drive or you can request for digital download from your registered email.

I currently have Dragon professional Will it work on a surface book? 2. I also have dragon anywhere. is there any great advantage in an enterprise level implementation of dragon anywhere for my law firm?

Well if you have windows on surface book then yes dragon will work and for enterprise level you need to buy bulk licensing and the features are same.

How to I download dragon?

Have you purchased dragon software if yes then you might have received download link on your email please download from there.

Is Nuance Medical One compatible with a MacBook?

Dragon Medical One is not compatible with MacBook.

Can I use this for salesforce?

Yes Dragon professional will work for salesforce.

I own the latest copy of Dragon for Mac, but just got a new computer and need to re-install. Where do I get the installer ?

You can request for exe file from our customer service team but we are not sure that Dragon for Mac will work no.

I own a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12. I am interested in upgrading to Professional v15. Where do I find the information that I will need for Premium 12 to complete the upgrade to Professional v15?

On website there is Professional upgrade v15 you can buy it from there or you can contact nuance sales team for upgrade.

I need to purchase Dragon Medical.

Sure there is Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3 which will cost you $1599.

I have Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 11.0. I think I bought it in 2010. But, now I have Windows 10 and Word 2019. Is this still compatible? I haven’t tried to download it on this laptop yet.

No dragon 11 is not compatible with windows 10 you need to upgrade to v15 to get dragon work.

Have office mac iPhone and mac laptop what is the least costly that supports all 3.

For windows and iPhone we have dragon professional and dragon anywhere but for Mac laptop Dragon does not have any product available right now.

I cannot access my account. Also I can’t get to PayPal and there is no way to use my credit card directly.

Well there is a option to pay with your card directly below PayPal please scroll it down and then you will get it.

Bought a new computer, trying to put Dragon on the new computer, the new computer doesn’t have a dvd drive and I have a install disc. What should I do?

You need to buy an external dvd drive or you can request for digital download.

I am looking to purchase this software. It would be for a business office and we would need 15 people to have access to it. Which software is the best?

You need the Dragon enterprise license to fulfill your requirement.

Why can’t I install my upgrade onto my laptop and my desktop? And how much more is it gonna cost me to be able to use it on or the other at a time?

If you want to install upgrade then you need old dragon license for activation. and if your upgrade is expired you need to purchase new dragon software.

I need my serial number for my product. You guys installed it for me and I can’t find it anywhere

Dragon serial number is on dragon software itself so if you want to look for serial number of your dragon product please go to dragon bar then click help and then click about dragon option a new box will pop up there is mentioned serial key.

I would like to use voice to text software.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is best choice for you, It is best in the market, Dragon naturally speaking is fast and accurate.

Need dragon for Mac.

Dragon for MAC is discontinued, so right now there is not any dragon software available for MAC.

I bought dragon Nuance software and it is what I really needed. In my hurry without remaining fully I have been using it fairly well. Now I want to know all the bells and whistles. Is there a complete tutorial for practice some where?

Yes we have dragon training and tutorial available and can send you in your email.

How do I install naturally speaking on iMac?

Well right now dragon iMac version is discontinued, so you will not be able to install dragon on iMac.

How can Dragon Professional Individual license have a 30 day money-back guarantee advertised, but when I read this refund policy, if I download the software (which I’d have to do to actually test it out) I can’t return it?

Well you have 30 days period time to get refund but once you install the dragon software you will not get refund.

Is Dragon compatible with Trinket EHR?

Yes Dragon Medical edition is compatible with all EHR software as well as Trinket EHR.

We just hired a Neuropsychologist that uses Dragon. Our EMR is Credible. Do the two integrate?

Well if you have bought new dragon medical software than you can install it on 2 machines.

I have Dragon Professional Individual

I would like to get the upgrade to my Professional 15 program for the $200 special offer but when I put it in my cart it lists at $250. Do I need a coupon code? Dr. B My product code is DC09A-G00-9F62-A379-HH

Well this version of dragon is way too old and it does not apply upgrade offer, you need to buy new dragon professional individual 15.61. 

I disconnected inadvertently…I was being sent a link to upgrade my Professional Individual 15…sorry about that! Dr. B

i have a licensed dns 13 i had to get a new hard drive how can i download version 13

Dragon 13 is discontinued so you need to buy or upgrade your dragon to 15.6.

I currently on Dragon 15.3. Is the upgrade to 15.6 free of charge?

If you have dragon 15.3 home then it is not upgradable but if you have dragon professional 15.3 then you can go for free upgrade to 15.6.

Working at my computer daily, I want to be able to “speak to type”? My conversations and free flowing speech is of value and I need a way to document the content.

Yes you can purchase Dragon Professional Individual which will meet your requirements and cost for dns 15.6 is $500.

I have version 15 pro. Is there still a cost to upgrade to the new version?

Yes there is upgraded version of dragon which is 15.61 and that will cost you $250 for upgrade.

Is the upgrade to Individual 15.6 at no cost since I own 15.0?

Yes there is upgraded version of dragon which is 15.61 and that will cost you $250 for upgrade.

Is there a demo version available?

We don’t have any dragon desktop version available for demo but if you want test the dragon than you can install dragon anywhere on your android or iOS cellphone. 

Dragon Home 15 new wont open

Please restart your computer and try again or call nuance technical support for help.

How much is the student version of Dragon Pro?

Price for Dragon Pro is $500.

Are you available to chat?

Yes we are available to chat Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm est.

I had a hard drive crash on my desktop, and Dell has replaced it. However, it erased all of my Windows 10 OS and my apps including Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking. I would like to get that re-installed on the same desk top.

Yes you can install it on your new hard drive . If you have dragon digital download link you can download it from there if not please request for new link from nuance customer service.

Your webpage mentioned a discount? Please elaborate?

For any discount please chat or call to dragon sales team.

I received an email from Dragon informing me there is a new version of the software. I have the Dragon software for Mac, which I know has been discontinued, but am wondering if there have been any changes made to my software.

Well there is no version for MAC available right now, the new version came up for windows only.

Once purchase, can you download the program on a different laptops?

If same person is using the dragon than yes you can download dragon on 2 computers.

I have an apple iMac and want to know if the dragon professional will work on it.

Dragon for Mac is discontinued and right now dragon does not have any version available for Mac.

I have already purchase dragon and I need to download on my new computer. my computer does not have a disk space where can i download dragon home with my serial number.

You can ask for digital download of your dragon product please login to nuance dashboard and chat with nuance customer support team to get the download link.

Does the system recognize Portuguese?

You mean does dragon recognizes Portuguese language, no it does not recognize the language.

So I got you email about upgrading to upgrade to 15.6, followed the provided link to upgrade,

Yes you can go ahead and upgrade your dragon software. 

unable to email memos using the voice recognition system.

Please contact nuance technical support team.

I have the Professional purchased in 2017- I am an Attorney. Tell me if I need the legal software. Also my Bluetooth headset is not working. Explain the difference between it and the power Mic III. I have a Mac Computer.

Dragon for Mac is discontinued and if you want to use the dragon on Mac than you need to install virtual machine parallels, then only you can install dragon desktop version on windows platform, You said you are attorney then dragon legal version is recommended.

I want to know if dragon dictate can be used on my Mac laptop easily? I was on a chat – I now have no idea what is going on. I need the offline installation file

can i upgrade from version 12.0 on windows 10.

Well dragon for Mac is discontinued so you will not be able to use dragon on Mac directly. If you install virtual machine like parallels then you can use the dragon software.

I have a question about refund.

Sure you can ask from dragon chat support team.

Are there any discounts offered for buying in volume?

For any discount you need to speak to nuance sales team.

Had version12 but now have windows 10 what should I now use

You need to buy new version of dragon.

 I purchased Dragon for Mac and have a key code. I am unable to find where to download the software using the key code. 

Dragon for mac is discontinued, if you have already purchased the dragon for Mac then you need to request for download link from nuance customer service team.

I wonder download dragon naturally speaking yo my computer.

Sure you can download Dragon from dvd or if you have purchased digital download than you might have received download link in your registered email you can download dragon from the link. 

I am interested in downloading Dragon Home, but it seems that your money back guarantee is very limited. I have a medical condition that affects my voice, so is there any way I can have a trail period that lasts for at least 30 days?

No we don’t have trail period for any dragon desktop version available if you want to test the Dragon than you can install Dragon Anywhere on your mobile device ex. Android or iOS and try dragon for 14 days trail. 

It seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements. what does this mean? I cannot order online?

Well you can order online sometime there is server issue so need to try again after some time.

I am a lawyer who uses Dragon Professional Individual v.15. I have badly arthritic hands. I need to Upgrade as my current dragon’s performance is not great. Is there an upgrade or is Legal Individual better??

You can upgrade your Dragon Dragon Legal Individual 15.61 version which will fulfill your needs.

I need to download the Dragon software my practice is interested in purchasing the dragon software

Where can I find my licenses?

Once you purchase the Dragon software then you will receive download link plus Dragon serial number in your email so you can activate your product from there.

I have never used Dragon software. I think the Home version will be sufficient but want to confirm.

If you want only for documents and email writings than you can buy Dragon Home but if you want to create or add vocabulary in Dragon than you can go for Dragon Professional version.

Does it transcribe a variety of voices such as a Continuing Legal Education webinar speaker?

Yes Dragon Legal does transcribe variety of voices as recorded.

I need your input: if I have any one of the Dragon Speaking systems, is it a software and can my student use it as well as me…..or is the “Dragon Speaking “ system a hardware, which cannot be shared.

Well Dragon is a software and you need to train it on your own voice so if a second person is using it on a same device than he/she needs to create new dragon profile and when they want to use dragon they need to change there profile and use Dragon.

How fast can I obtain the software and headset?

Dragon software is a digital version which you get instant download link after purchase however headset will take 2-5 business days to deliver.

Can we transfer our license to another Employee?

No you can not transfer Dragon License to another person or employee.

Can I speak with someone about the best software to buy as I want to write a book. I would like to buy some software that will allow me to speak my words to text and will allow me to edit and organize my words.

Well you can buy Dragon Professional Individual which will fulfill all your requirement. 

We switched to laptops at work and no one re-installed Dragon on the new laptops. How do I transfer it? or Re-install the app?

Do you have Dragon license if yes then you might have received digital download link you can install dragon from there and put the serial number to activate.

I purchase dragon 15 with electronic download. My computer crashed and I need to get a copy of my software. Can someone help me please

yes, please send us email with registered email.

I need to recover my code for Dragon 15. It has been registered with Nuance.

Yes you can get the code from your account with Nuance, you just need to login and go to my product there you will have nuance license number.

How can I do a trial of the home version?

There is no trail for Dragon Home desktop version.

I am having problems connecting to my scanner

Does Dragon naturally speaking 8 work on a windows 7 pc

Yes Dragon does work on windows 7pc.

166 error. Need help.

166 error means your dragon profile is corrupt so you need to uninstall dragon and reinstall it. 

I need to have a free trial, please.

Dragon anywhere is available for 7 days free trial, and you can try it on your cellphone. 

I have version 15, iteration 30 000 06 And, it does not seem to work efficiently with windows 10. Is there a newer iteration? I have looked for updates but did not find any available.

New version of dragon is 15.6 so you need to buy dragon upgrade which will solve the issue.

I have a new computer and I need the download link to install the software. Where can I find that?

To get the download link for Dragon software you need to request from nuance customer service.

I am trying to purchase the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 and wanted to be sure that this software is in CD Rom form or Thumb drive?

You will get a Digital download link for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 and if you want to covert it to CD or DVD than you need to burn the exe file.

Is the Nuance 4.0 USB Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 the latest edition?

Latest version of DMPE 4 is 4.3.

My computer crashed and I would like to reinstall Dragon Dictation Version 11 but I cannot find my disk. But, I do have my serial number from the disk’s envelope. Can I download this old version online somewhere?

Dragon 11 is discontinued so it will not work on new windows, so you need to upgrade your Dragon software.

My boss Timothy Brunnock has Dragon Dictation for his desktop computer. He is dictating and while he is speaking, the screen is scrolling up and down. When he stops speaking, the scrolling stops and the words he dictated have been typed but the scrolling is very distracting. How can we stop or correct this?

Please call Dragon support team to get your dragon checked.

Do you plan to bring back dragon for use on a Mac?

Not sure, because Dragon has partnered with Siri.

I am setting up a new desktop and put my Dragon 11.5 on it. It would not turn off and constantly demanded that I attach the headset. It stopped MS office from working and Office 2019 disabled it. Do you have a fix for this or will you give credit towards a newer version?

You need to upgrade your Dragon version because Dragon 11.5 is discontinued and no longer supported.

If I can’t seem to get the password reset process to work correctly when selecting randomly generated passwords in your application.

You want to reset your nuance account password right? It is very simple just click on forget password and set new password as per your choice.

After scanning I am not able to open my scanned document. What should I do?

Please contact Dragon customer support team.

I have used Dragon Naturally Speaking for years. I have Dragon 13 and have been using it for transcription with no problems at all until I changed computers.

Now I get an error message every time I try to transcribe a file. Same software. Same recorder. But after changing to the new computer with Windows 10, I get an error must have 11.025-99 khz mono audio.

It seems your audio quality is not clear, what you can do convert your audio to clear audio in audacity or you can upgrade your program to new version of Dragon, which will solve the issue.

After scanning I can’t open my document. It says 1, 2, 3… with the name of my printer. How can I save my documents as pdf to open it?

To save your document to PDF you need to go to file>save as > change the extension .pdf.

How accurate is it to transcribe lectures to text.

If audio quality is clear no background noise than it is 90% account and if audio has background noise than you need to clear the audio in audacity.

Does the old Dragon Naturally Speaking Mobile product work with Windows 7 or 8 ? On the box it just says Win 98, Win 2000, etc.

No old Dragon Naturally Speaking will not work on windows 7 or 8.

I have a Samsung Chromebook, what do I need to get a dragon that will work with what I have?

Samsung Chromebook has windows in it right? If yes then you can install Dragon on it.

I’m curious about upgrading. Will it help with compatibility with ms word?

Yes latest version of Dragon is 15.6 and there is no compatibility issue with it.

I am an owner of a 15 person mental health counseling practice. I am curious to learn more about the medical practice suite. Is that a one time purchase or annual cost? How many unique individuals can use the software? Does it integrate with any EHR (we currently use Therapy Notes)?

Well you can buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3 which will meet your requirement it is one time purchase and 2 people can use one software so for 15 person you need to by 8 licenses, also it works with all EHR software.

Looking to purchase the Dragon Medical Practice Edition. What does the purchase include, are there any additional items we may need, and do you offer a test trail before purchase?

DMPE only include software and we do offer you 2 days trail prior to purchase. 

I bought English version, can I install a Dutch version?

Well to install both English and Dutch version you need to buy Dragon in Dutch version which will include both.

My computer with Dragon dictate crashed and I need to install it on my replacement computer.

Yes you can replace the computer so do you have serial number if yes than you need digital download link of dragon and from that link you can install dragon on new computer.

I need to upload the newest version of dragon. Where do I find the file to upload?

You need to buy dragon new version then only you will get the download link.

I have a version of Dragon I purchased a year ago and never got it to work. I am using Google Docs which is terrible. I am considering Dragon Professional but have concerns since the last purchase was a bust.

Once you purchase the Dragon Professional you get 3 months of free dragon support, so if you have any issue like dragon is not working in google docs or somewhere else you can get in touch with nuance dragon support and your Dragon issue will get resolved.

Need some info on dragon for my medical office. I wish to have it on my PC as well as an office desktop. Also – can same software be used by other providers in my office? How much cost?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3 will suite your needs, you can use it on your personal computer as well as your office computer. However other provider will not be able to use DMPE, they need to purchase separately.

We currently have Dragon Version 2, is there a way to demo the newest medical version prior to purchasing.

No there is no trail or demo for Medical version.

I have a dragon professional individual Mac version 6 on my old computer, how can I transfer the license to a new computer?

New version of Mac does not support Dragon for Mac version.

I just purchased software, how do I download it? I have my key.

After Dragon purchase you might have received download link in your email if not then please request from nuance site.

One of our client’s (Dr. Steven R. Vargas) has Dragon Medical 10 and Nuance Dictaphone. He uses this to dictate into his EMR software through Remote Desktop Connection. He has said that performance is really poor and that it works better locally/off the Remote Desktop application. Any assistance is appreciated.

He need to upgrade the Dragon Medical version, new DMPE version is 4.3 which is more accurate and fast.

I am wondering if you have a product for schools that will allow loaning of a license on a semester or yearly basis.

Yes we have year based subscription on Dragon Anywhere but this product you can only install on cellphones not desktop computers.


It seems your dragon profile is corrupt so you need to uninstall the Dragon and reinstall, this will solve the issue.

I just got the license for Download, Dragon Professional Individual 15, US English, Government, how do I download it?

You might have received Dragon download link email as well so download the dragon by click on the link.

What’s the difference between Home and Professional editions besides price?

Dragon professional can create custom vocabulary, It works with excel, Dragon pro transcribes your recordings, which dragon home can not.

I am having major. I am trying to register or login. I got a new computer and need to get Dragon Speak on my new computer.

You need to request for new download link and key from dragon support team.


Can Dragon Professional be installed remotely or is there a CD?

Dragon Pro can be installed remotely, for CD you need to request.

I’ve had Dragon for a long time and have used it on different ones using the same registration codes. I have a new computer but the software says I have used up my options for using it anymore. Can you tell me if that is correct?

If it says dragon activation limit has exceeded than you need to purchase new Dragon, you can not use the old serial now.

Do I have to purchase a new version or simply replace the vocabulary section because I purchase this version not long ago?

You can simply replace the vocabulary section. 

Will Dragon naturally speaking professional work with Plantronics Bluetooth Headset with Microphone, Wireless Headset with USB Adapter for PC, Noise Cancel Mic?

Yes Dragon works with almost all Bluetooth and USB headsets.

I would like to try your dictation software.

There is no trail available for desktop version of dragon.

I am having issues with my Dragon 12.5 program. It passes the Microphone Volume and Quality tests, but when it goes the training mode it no longer doesn’t indicate what I am reading with the blue highlight as I read to show it’s registering what’s being read. I have tried several different mics and all passed the initial tests. Sometimes I can dictate without the training and other times it won’t let skip the training. I have not yet worked why it won’t let me use the dictation without the training or other times I can just dictate. So, until I do the training, which no longer work for some unknown reason, I’m unable use my dragon naturally speaking program?

Well support for Dragon 12.5 software is discontinued, so you need to upgrade your Dragon to latest 15.6 version.

I am having issues with Dragon. It passes the Mic Volume and Quality tests, but when it goes into the training mode it doesn’t indicate what I am reading is being registered. I have tried several different mics and all passed the initial tests. Some times I can dictate without the training and other times it won’t let me dictate until I do the training, which no longer work for some unknown reason. What can I do to correct my dragon program?

Upgrade to latest version of Dragon.

Our practice is looking into getting dragon diction but not sure what software or what all is needed.

You can buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3 to fulfill your requirements.

I record interviews of people and then type up a summary report on Word. That’s it. Will Dragon Home ($150) work for me to dictate the summary of the recorded interviews?

No Dragon Home does not transcribe recordings, you need to buy dragon professional.

Presently have Dragon Naturally Speaking 12. I don’t think it ever got installed correctly as word to screen in not good. So now you have Dragon Nat. Speaking 15 for home (price $200.00) Q-#1- will someone at Nuance help in the install ? #2- will Nuance have a phone number to discuss problems should they come up? #3- Will I also get a training Video to go with Nat Speaking 15 all for the same price?

Yes Dragon expert will help you to install the software on your computer, also you will get a dragon support phone number to discuss problems in future, also you will get dragon training videos to learn about dragon software.

Would I receive a physical disk to download the program or is this a box with a product key and instructions?

Dragon will send you digital download link no box, not cd, a link where you need to click on the link and download dragon software immediately. 


Dragon 11 is discontinued so it is not longer support, you will need to upgrade the Dragon.

I purchased a voice tracer recorder from Philips and it has the software for voice to text. I am on the road and find that the conversion software is no longer on my system. I need to get it reloaded. How do I find it

You need to request for download link from dragon customer team, please send us email from registered email address.

I’m looking at Dragon for Home but wonder if it’s compatible with MacBook.

Dragon Home or any other product of Dragon does not support MacBook.

I had purchased the dragon home edition and my computer died. I would like to use it on my new computer.

Yes you can install Dragon on your new computer.

I am trying to set up a new account so I can download my Dragon software.

Yes you can create account with Nuance, login to nuance account to download the dragon.

Will Dragon Professional Individual 6.0.8 work on the new iMac?

No it will not work, Mac support is ended.

Do you have Dragon Medical one? How much is it the software?

Dragon Medical One will cost you $525 for onetime setup and $99 per month subscription.

I am a Physician who does Telemedicine with Teladoc from home. Which of your products is most suited for my needs? I will only be dictating into their system which is not affiliated with Hospitals. The product will be for myself only.

Well if your software is not EHR/EMR than you can buy Dragon Individual Professional, which will help you fulfill your needs.

Is there a monthly fee to use this software?

Please specify the Dragon software name.

I am a current Dragon Professional Individual v15 user. I use this at my office but I’m finding myself working more from home. Do I need to have another full copy to work from home?

No you can install dragon pro on your home computer as well it will work perfectly.

I just got a new laptop. I work at Vanderbilt University. Dragon was on my old laptop. It may have been installed via a disk, but I am not sure

needed to locate Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.0.

Well if you have purchased a DVD than you need to find it out  or for digital download link you need pay extra $99.

I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking 15 remote on a cloud based server.

I am an epidemiologist looking for dictate software that can handle highly scientific information, including words like “pharmacoepidemiology, progressive, multifocal leukoencephalopathy, Bayesian statistics”

Dragon Medical Practice Edition can handle all these words perfectly so without a doubt you can buy DMPE 4.3.

I depend on Dragon software to do my job, but the newest version of Dragon has taken away the Menu for the Tray Icon only, which I use all the time as I find the top Dragon bar too intrusive.

Well New Dragon has the option to tray icon only, how you can change that go to dragon bar, click on dragon icon on left, select tray icon only.

I am going to a new company, and I need to install the version of Dragon I have on my current work PC to my new work PC (version I don’t have the new PC yet, but I would like to download this version so that I can be ready when the new PC arrives. Can you help with this?

Yes nuance customer support will help you to install your dragon software on your new computer, just contact to dragon support.

Is Dragon premium the same as professional?

Dragon Professional is upgraded version of Dragon Premium, it is more accurate and fast.

Why can I not download the latest version of Dragon even though it appears in my update manager? Update manager provides a link to update from version 15.3 to version 15.6 however when I click on it nothing happens, why is this?

Dragon 15.6 is a separate dragon, so if you want to install it than you need to uninstall Dragon 15.3 and request for latest version link that way you can install 15.6.

My husband, Robert Peck, has Dragon Professional 15. He wants to purchase a laptop. 1. What are the requirements necessary for Dragon Professional 15 to work on a Laptop? Do you recommend any particular laptop? Should he purchase a touch screen type? Lastly, does he need to purchase another Dragon Professional for his new laptop. He currently has Dragon Professional on his Windows 10 Desktop computer. Thank you.

RAM: Minimum 4GB.

CPU: Intel® dual core or equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors yield faster performance.

Free hard disk space: 8GB.

I cannot get my Dragon to start?

Please restart the computer try again.

I had a new drive put on my computer and now I need to re-enter Dragon. How do I do that?

Please click the link which you have received when you bought the dragon and follow the process.

Trying to purchase. It says that no payment method is available?

There could be payment gateway issue so please chat with dragon customer to get it processed.

I already have a key for Dragon Legal 15, but I cannot located my disk. Am I able to download a copy without purchasing a new one?

Yes you can download dragon from digital link which you need to request for.

I have access to Dragon Medical Enterprise through work in a couple of facilities, but need my own for independent work. Can I have a personal account building on the same profile?

No, you need to purchase Dragon Medical separately for yourself. 

I purchased Dragon Anywhere thinking it would work on my MacBook, but it doesn’t. I would like to A) be refunded and B) purchase Dragon for Mac.

You can install Dragon Anywhere on your iPhone not on your Mac, Dragon for Mac is no more supported.

I purchased a new computer and I’m trying to get this one up and running before I close down the previous computer. Can I download the v15 pro to this computer now? I am the only user. Or, what?

Yes you take the Dragon Professional serial number from old computer and install it on new computer.

I was a previous user of Dragon Professional, however I no longer have the computer it was installed on. Am I eligible for an upgrade, even though I do not currently have the installed software? I have my previous order number if that helps.

Yes we can look for you nuance account and according to that we can give you upgrade price of dragon also help you to install dragon upgrade on your new computer.

What are the EHR/EMR software Dragon Medical supports?

Well Dragon Medical software supports almost all the EHR/EMR systems like Epic, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, CureMD, GE Healthcare, practicefusion, athenahealth, kareo and Meditech. All listed EHR/EMR software as well as Dragon Medical software is HIPPA Compliant.

What is Dragon Medical One?

Dragon Medical One is a cloud-based speech recognition software. It is anytime anywhere software. It is more secure. It gives you seamless voice to text experience, you can install Dragon Medical One on all of your device desktop, mobile and others.

How much Dragon Medical One costs?

Dragon Medical one costs you $525 one time implementation charge and 99$/per month. If you take subscription for 3 years or more then the first year subscription fee will be $79/month.

How to subscribe for Dragon Medical One?

First you must register yourself on dictation.cloud website once you are registered login to your dictation.cloud dashboard, there you need to click buy now option and select plan as per your need and make purchase, after purchase you will get email with your activation code and download link, before downloading Dragon Medical One you need to activate your subscription from dictation.cloud portal, once subscription is activated you can go ahead and run the Dragon_Medical_One_Installer.exe file and setup your Powermic Mobile App as well.

I am trying to purchase dragon professional individual For a digital download when I go to check out is says it is being shipped.

It means there is issue with dragon website payment server, so you can try later or if you want immediate purchase then please talk to dragon chat service.

I believe I purchased this product and made payments through PayPal but never received it can you help?

Did you check weather payment went through or not, I believe payment to dragon did not go through so you need to try again or talk to dragon support team. 

I have Medical Edition v4, What would be the cost for Dragon One?

Dragon Medical One is monthly subscription based software, which has $525 one time implementation charge and $99/ month.