Working at my computer daily, I want to be able to “speak to type”? My conversations and free flowing speech is of value and I need a way to document the content?

To be able to use speech recognition software to dictate your conversations and free-flowing speech and transcribe them into text, you will need to purchase a speech recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon Professional Individual. These software packages are designed to recognize your voice and transcribe your speech into text in real time.

Once you have installed the software, you will need a compatible microphone to use it effectively. Dragon software typically comes with a recommended microphone, but you can also use other compatible microphones as well.

To use the software, simply open a document or text editor, start the speech recognition software, and begin speaking. As you speak, the software will transcribe your speech into text in real time. You may need to train the software to recognize your voice and speech patterns to get the best results.

With a good microphone and proper training, speech recognition software can be an effective way to document your conversations and free-flowing speech, and can save you time and effort compared to typing the text out manually.

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